When you start using a hosting platform that you haven’t worked with before, or if you have never had a web hosting account whatsoever up to now, the new account management console (i.e. web hosting Control Panel) will take a little time to get accustomed to. Despite the fact that the essence is virtually identical, each and every Control Panel has its very own individual characteristics and executing particular procedures may differ with different Control Panels – for example, creating a brand-new database and adding a user to it. Apart from testing how to do certain things, you can also check help articles, or, what's even better, you can watch how-to videos and see for yourself what you should do and where you should click. The latter will save you a tremendous amount of time and will render managing your account a lot easier because you will not have to examine different options to find the one that you indeed need.
Video Tutorials in Shared Web Hosting
In case you get a shared web hosting plan through us, you will gain access to a multitude of video tutorials, which we’ve created with the intent to make our Hepsia hosting Control Panel significantly easier to use. While you navigate through its sections, you will be able to find out how to make use of the different features that you will see there by merely clicking on the video link, which will invariably be located on the right-hand side. Then you can select a tutorial video in accordance with what you wish to do and, on the condition that you access the video clips from a particular section of the Control Panel, you’ll always see only related topics. In case you only want to discover more about Hepsia and its features, you can access the whole video repository via the shortcut at the bottom of the page and see for yourself all the functions that we have incorporated into the Control Panel.
Video Tutorials in Semi-dedicated Servers
Our semi-dedicated server accounts come bundled with an elaborate collection of training videos so as to provide you with the opportunity to utilize all the features and the complete power of our semi-dedicated server plans, even if you possess zero experience in such matters. Even if you’re more technically skillful, you can still resort to the videos and learn how to use our functionality-stuffed Hepsia hosting Control Panel. The topics that we’ve encompassed are broad – what exactly is system load, how to change the PHP version that your semi-dedicated account uses or how to create an e-mail box account with a couple of clicks are just some examples. You can learn how everything is done and save a lot of time, even more so considering the fact that in each Control Panel section you can watch only videos that will show you what you can accomplish there. In case you would like to browse through all the videos that we have shot, you can do that by clicking on the shortcut, which is located at the bottom of Hepsia’s index page. With their valuable help, you’ll be able to do anything you desire quickly and seamlessly.