If you have an email and you enable forwarding for it, all of the incoming emails will be sent to a third-party email address that you choose. The sender will not be aware of this and he will be sending the message to the initial address. This kind of feature is useful in case you have a number of web sites, each with a different email address for contact, for example. By forwarding all messages to a single e-mail, it will be easier for you to keep track and never miss a message as you have overlooked to check on a certain email. For those who have an enterprise, you can use this feature to watch the emails received by various divisions. An additional advantage is that you're able to make use of an official address for various purposes, let’s say admin@your-domain.com, and you can get all messages sent to it inside your private email address. In addition, you can forward emails from one e-mail to a number of ones, if a number of individuals needs to be involved with the email communication.
E-mail Forwarding in Shared Web Hosting
The Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with all of our shared web hosting packages, will help you to forward any email inside the account to a second one without difficulty. You can do this either during the creation of a new email address or at any time afterwards in case you decide that you require this feature. During the process, you'll be able to decide if you need a copy of the messages to be maintained on the server. This way, you will have a backup and you'll avoid the probability to lose an e-mail if the forwarding is to an outside address, which can be briefly unavailable. This option can be activated and disabled at any moment, and if you use e-mails for important matters, it is better to use it, as no records of the e-mails will be maintained on the server when the option is not active. If you decide that you don't need forwarding any more, it takes just a mouse click to disable it.
E-mail Forwarding in Semi-dedicated Servers
For people with a semi-dedicated server from our company, it will take a few mouse clicks inside the Email Manager section of your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel to forward any of the e-mails configured on our end to a third-party e-mail address. In the exact same area you will additionally have the ability to observe how many of your mailboxes are forwarded and exactly where the inbound e-mails are going. It is possible to enable or deactivate a forwarding account at any time and during the process you can also decide if a copy of the e-mails has to be kept on our servers or not. Even though this option is not a must have, it is quite practical because you will have a backup copy of the messages on our end in the event that something happens with the third-party email address. Even when they have a short-term problem, you run the risk of losing emails as once our system receives and forwards an e-mail, absolutely nothing will be maintained on our end unless you selected a backup to be stored.